October 06, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Hey, everyone! It's your girl Swanangel15 and I just felt like switching things up a little with my blog.  Today I'm doing a character interview on, you guessed it, The Mad Hatter, due to the label on his hat "In this style 10/6, which is today's date.  The crazy, my bad, the mad host of the tea party Alice attended in Wonderland.  Today I sat down with The Mad Hatter and was served some very questionable tea.  Here is how our conversation went..

Swanangel15: Thanks for seeing me today

Mad Hatter: No wonder your late.  Why this clock is exactly two days slow.

Swanange15:l But I'm not late, I arrived before you.

Mad Hatter: Oh, have I gone mad!

Swanangel15: Ehhhhhhhhh

Mad Hatter:  I'm afraid so but can I tell you a secret?

Swanangel15: Sure.......

Mad Hatter:  All the best people are

Swanangel15: All the best people are what?

Mad Hatter:  What a regrettably large head you have.

Swanagel15: Eh, thank you, but I think were getting off topic.

Mad Hatter: I would very much like to hat it.

Swanangel15: Excuse me.

Mad Hatter: I use to hat The White Queen, you know.

Swanagel15: No, I don't know.

Mad Hatter: Her head was very small.

Swanagel15: Okay, I don't think I'm going to get much information from you but it was nice meeting you.

Mad Hatter: There is a place.  Like no other on Earth.  A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!  Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.

Swanangel15: Yes, that is very nice to know (gathers things to leave)

Mad Hatter: Which luckily I am (insane, I mean, mad laughter)

Swanangel15: Bye (Runs away form the room)

There you have it! My conversation with the Mad Hatter and I have to say, he's not as mad as I thought he'll be.  Unfortunately I did not get to interview the sexy Johnny Depp version, he could have said the craziest things in the world and I would have stayed.

Hope you enjoyed the interview, I have to get over my shock of this one to do another.  I was seriously afraid for my life, especially when he started laughing.