A MARCH BRIDE by Rachel Hauck

October 01, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Here we are again with another installment from "A Year of Weddings Novella" series and this one is exciting. It's not everyday a girl can say that's she's marring a Prince!

Susanna Truitt is living the dream that almost every woman wants.  She's going to become a Princess, not a self calmed one, but a real life Princess.  She found her Prince in King Nathaniel II of Brighton Kingdom.

After finding her Prince in her own back yard all she had to do to marry him was:

1. Quit her dream job as a landscaper
2. Move a million miles away from her family and friends
3. Adapt a new life style
4. Learn new rules and conform to her new role as a    

That is a lot to give up but Susanna thinks that it's all worth it once she has the love of her Prince.(she's way stronger than me).  Now she has doubts because now Nathaniel  does not look at her the way he used to and now she thinks that he regrets ever asking her to marry him.

To add a nail to the coffin that had Susanna flying back home to her parents is that in order for Susanna and Nathaniel to marry, she must renounce her citizenship to America before the wedding. This blow plus having many of her family bowing out of attending the wedding, Susanna sees it as too many signs that they should not wed and needed time to think.

Nathaniel loves Susanna, but laws are laws and they must be followed.  Not having Susanna with him so close to the wedding date has him in a panic, but he has a responsibility to his people and to his country.

Would Nathaniel let duty and his pride stand in the way of losing the best thing that ever happened to him or would Susanna realize that she is giving up to much of herself for this marriage and end it. Find out in the next stressful installment of A Year of Weddings Novella, A March Bride.

Rachel Hack wrote a realistic story about what to really expect if you are going to marry a Prince. The lessons, the laws, the limitations that are put on you.  Having advisers advice you all the time and the endless events that you have to attend, oh, I know that I could not do it.  I never wanted to be a princess, I more wanted to play with my brother's remote control car that he stubbornly refused to let me borrow!

Susanna had it really though in this book, she had to give up everything in order to marry Nathaniel and it was not fair that he did not have to give up anything.  Now when she runs away from all the pressure she has to endure he sits in his office and talks himself OUT of following her.  Wuss!

He's was just going to let her go even after the "gift" she left him on her dresser.  I would have packed my bags and gone after her.  It's hard being a Prince but's it's even harder when you're in love.

I felt left out in some areas of the book.  It felt like there was a book before this one seeing as how the book referred to some characters as if the readers are suppose to know about them already.  Even some of the events made me feel that way, for instance, how Nathaniel and Susanna met! I'm sure it would have been a romantic story.  If there is a book before this one, please let me know.