A JUNE BRIDE by Marybeth Whalen

October 27, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I don't believe this.  This series was going so good for me and then this book came along and put a snag in the series for me.  This book did not live up to the standard of the other books and I will tell you why.

Wynne Hardy (a woman) had her heart broken by her fiance who she has been going out with for years.  Wynne thought that the best way to get over her heart break and start over is by signing up for a dating television show (huh).

The television show is called "Rejection Connection" where she met Andy.  She choose him over all the other guys and then he purposes to her on national television. What is a girl to do than say yes.(right)

Not knowing if she really wants to marry Andy, Wynne tries to convince herself that it was the right thing to do and goes along with the world wind that is her wedding. Which by the way is sponsored by the producers of the show and would be aired live for everyone to see.

Things get even more complicated when a wannabe past reality show star attaches herself to Wynne trying to get back her 15 minutes of fame and puts further chaos in her already chaotic life. 

Wynne feels as if she and Andy are slipping further and further away and when her ex-fiance, Steve, walks back in her life I'm shocked that she did not blow a gasket and faint from all the pressure.  What's a girl to do in this situation, should she go ahead with the wedding as planned or would Steve convince her to give him another chance?  Find out in a June Bride.

+Marybeth Whalen failed me.  Her characters where two dimensional and flat; they had no real substance to them and I did not connect with anyone in this story.

To me Wynne was very problematic, how can anyone thing that they can fall in love with someone on a television show.  Then before she gets to really know Andy, like a fool he proposes and she accepts.  Instead of getting to know more about Andy she just goes along with everything, everyone says, no questions asked.

I was like, seriously get a backbone lady.  I was with her with the heartbroken thing until I found out the truth and I realized that Wynne is in a hell of her own making.  The ending did not make much sense to me and I find that Steve should have left her alone and go his own path.

But he loves her and she loves him, it blows but that is the truth.  Pertaining to a June bride, it came like an after thought and this book just did not do it for me and I hope with all my heart that the next book in the series picks up for this one.  This is the harshest review I have ever written (I think), but I wanted to give my honest opinion.