WHERE THE HEART LEADS by Stephanie Laurens

September 15, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

What drives a gentle born lady to spend all her time taking care of the children of less fortunate families instead of grooming herself to find a husband as is the norm in those days? You would have to ask Lady Penelope Ashford.

Lady Penelope Ashford along with her sisters had opened a home for underprivileged children so they can grow up and earn a trade for themselves.  For years the Foundling House (as they named it) has
thrived but of late their charges has been disappearing.

It usually works like this, when someone from the West End of London is about to die, they send word to the Foundling house about their predicament and make plans for the Foundling house to take in their children/ward when they are gone.

When the parent or guardian dies, neighbors send word that their client had died and they go and collect the child, except recently someone has beaten them to it.

Feeling at a lost at what she must do, Penelope seeks the aid of Barnaby Adair.  Noble born, Adair has made a name of himself for putting away criminals, especially those within the ton.  Feeling restless, Penelope's request could not have come in a better time.  Intrigued by the request and by the beautiful woman who hired him, Adair accepts the mission and got a lot more than he bargained for.

Bearing the beauty and grace associated with the ton, when Adair accepted the case he did not expect to have Miss Penelope involved in it.  He was proved wrong when Penelope told him, in no uncertain terms,  that she was to be informed of all information that he was able to gather as well as involve her in any investigation that is to take place.  Telling Penelope no was simply not an option.

The situation got out of hand when Adair realized that the kidnappings were part of something that was bigger than they first thought, and no advisement from his part would convince Penelope to let him handle the investigation alone.   The budding romance these two had was also a distraction from the case.  Would Adiar and Penelope find the missing children, or would they get themselves killed for getting involved in a dangerous scheme.

+STEPHANIE LAURENS book "Where the Hearts Leads" was refreshing where the man played the woman's part and the woman played the man's part in the romance.  Watching all the schemes that Adair came up with to convince Penelope to marry him was fun and exhausting at the same time, I mean come on Penelope, get a clue why don't you.

The story was fun and exciting and the suspense was killing me.  More children were being kidnapped and their was even murder, dun dun dunnnnnnnn.  The lengths Adair had to go through to get his information to Penelope was funny.  He had to attend parties and soirees (which he despise by the way) to be able to talk to her.

The part where Penelope abducted him in front of his own home and not to mention the incognito part of the book was quite entertaining and had me wanting more.  The writin was fun and upbeat and I don't recoil a single part of the book I did not enjoy.