September 22, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

People say that gardening can be relaxing, but to me it's just tiring.  All that hot sun and heavy lifting, maybe some other time. But for Tammy Hollins, gardening is about gaining her independence and finding the power to move on.

Trying to find who she is after a bad marriage, Tammy Hollins starts a Gardening Business.  Plants she understands but people, especially men, scare her with their uncertainty and confusing ways.

Tammy grew up a very sheltered life, always being dependent on someone else.  First it was her mother and father and then her husband.  When Tammy is thrust into the world with her two children, she realized that she has to walk on her own two feet so this can never happen to her again.

Her estranged brother coming back into the picture certainly helped and now it's Tammy's turn to do the rest. With independence comes uncertainty and Tammy has a lot of that but she presses on.

Everything was going fine until a place she can call home was broken into, which frightened her and the kids.  She was able to call for help but before the police can get there, the intruder was already gone.  Now no longer feeling like their house is safe any more, Tammy's brother asked for the help of his neighbor and best friend, John Parker McGuiness, to take in Tammy and the kids until they catch whoever broke in.

Grateful for the help but peeved at the way it was given, Tammy is determined to handle matters by herself and not from her brother and certainly not from John Parker, no matter how hot and bothered he makes her.

John Parker has longed for Tammy ever since he first laid eyes on her.  Ever heard about love at first sight, well that's what John Parker felt.  Seeing Tammy looking all beautiful with a lost look in her eyes brought out his protective instincts.  But with Tammy determined to stand on her own two feet, would there be any room left for him.  A magic chocolate garden can find the answer but would it be the right one?

+Ava Miles wrote a wonderful story about a woman's strength. Tammy was always strong, but her mother and then her husband made her think that she was weak. Finding the power to dust herself off and start all over was very hard for Tammy but she did it.

My issue with this story was with the break in.  I know having your house is very violating but I thought it was really dragged that part.  All the crying and the hugging and the "I should have been there" went on too long.  Seriously, I get it, the house was broken into, it had a very negative effect, especially for the kids. 

I really felt for those kids especially her son, he had to grow up so fast.  The love story between Tammy and John Parker was a switch-er-roo.  I love stories like these when the men really has to work for it.

John Parker was a nice man and sounds dreamy as well but he had to understand that not all women needs or wants a man to lean on. He needed to get over himself and I have to thank his mother for that.

After all that was said I just have to say that I want a chocolate garden for myself in my yard, maybe the scent would reduce the amount of chocolate I eat, or maybe increase it.  That's a risk I'm willing to make.  Thank you Ava for a wonderful book on the inner strength women possess.