SWEET TALK by Julie Garwood

September 09, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Who trumps whom, F.B.I or I.R.S?  If I have to go up against either of these two, I'd choose the F.B.I all the time.  Sweet talk was a fun, action packed book for the whole family, (18+ of course.)

Olivia Mackenzie did not expect that when she went for an interview, that her dress would be torn by her potential new boss, that his meat head of a body guard would pull a gun on her and that she got into the middle of an F.B.I investigation.  I bet she wished she never left home.

To make matters worse one of the F.B.I agents comes screaming at her for ruining his investigation and got all up in her face, but Olivia enraged by his attack pulled put her trump card simply by saying that she is I.R.S.  You know you don't want to mess with the I.R.S.

On this unfortunate meeting with the F.B.I, Olivia meets Special Agent Grayson Kincaid who pushed all of her buttons, both good and bad, and left her wanting things that she is better off not wanting.

Grayson Kincaid is a bad-ass F.B.I Agent who loves to get the job done and he does not need a gorgeous woman to distract him from his job, even if she is the sexiest woman he has ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Things got weird when Olivia is sh......is in an accident.  Grayson , who just can't seem to stay away rushes to her rescue where she tells him that she is trying to uncover a Ponzi scheme that has been going on for years.  The plot thickens when it's her own father Olivia is going after.

Since Grayson is in charge of this case, he cannot become emotionally involved with the anyone involved to the case, but in true romance story fashion, it happened anyway and now Olivia and Grayson must fight the power of attraction between each other to catch a thief.

+Julie Garwood is an amazing author and I love her books.  I devoured this book in a few hours and I was hungry for more.  Olivia was fun and charming and I loved what she vowed to do.  It seemed like she did nothing to bring down her father, but in the big picture, it was because of her that everything went down the way it did.

Grayson was a do what I say, no questions ask arse.  He was exactly what Olivia needed in her life and the first man from any romance novel I have ever read to actually stay away from the girl for a prolong period of time.

The story was fun and interesting and with a family like Olivia's who needs enemy's and I'm not just talking about her father.  You'll understand what I mean WHEN you read the book.  Happy reading, I know I did.