September 18, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This is a book after my own heart.  When I read that it was a book about big girls, I was excited to read this book and it did not disappoint. 

Belinda Gordon sucks at dating, I mean, every single guy that she goes out with are total garbage. The 
latest one saying that he hesitated to ask her out because of her weight. She let him off totally easy compared to what I would have done. 

But seriously, it's like the universe is trying to tell her something about the men she's dating. Then the answer for the reason why she was dating all these losers came crashing into her life in the form of her estranged husband. (Yes, she was going on dates whilst she was still married, don't judge her like I did too early, you have to know her reasons.)

Carter Lancaster cannot believe that after all these years, the woman he can't stop thinking about is right in front of him.  Things don't go well when on their
first meeting after four years he made her fall into a pond and let me tell you, that had me laughing for a good while before I could read on.

After Belinda (what kind of name is Belinda any way) walked out of their marriage four years ago, Carter did not know what to think.  It was especially confusing that the day she walked out is the day his daughter from his first marriage became known to him.  

Belinda cannot believe that Carter would move here and with the reason that their marriage did not work out right next to him.  Determined to stay away from him, but unfortunately Belinda ends up bouncing into him at every turn she makes.  Armed with one of the sweetest daughters on earth, did Belinda even have a chance of staying away.

Carter only wants one thing from Belinda and that is a divorce, but when he gets to understand her a little more, he changes his mind and set out to win his wife back.  Let me tell you , it was not an easy task seeing as they only got married after knowing each other after a few months and that they both come from two completely different worlds. 

Would Carter be able to win Belinda back or world the driving force that had them estranged
in the first place rear it's ugly head and keep them apart?

Sugar Jamison is amazing.  I requested the book from Netgalley mainly because of the cover and that Belinda is a thick madam, but with the first sentence I was hooked.  This books speaks to me on so many levels that it was hard not to relate, even though I did not experience most of the things Belinda did, lol.

I know being a big girl cannot be easy, believe me I know, but how Belinda handled some things were cowardly.  Her answer was to run away.  They had a fight, she runs away, they have a disagreement, she runs away.  You get where I'm going with this right.  What did she expect Carter to think?

Carter had his part in the blame as well.  Communication is key, all relationships must have communication and not just I say this, so we're doing that.  A little confused, reading the book is the only way to get the answer to all your questions.  

When your finish reading the book, was can discuss the book right here or on my Facebook page, I just really love this book.  I went out and bought the first two books in the series and I just know I'm going to love them too.