September 11, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I was not fortunate to read the first book in the series, but I did get to read the second and now the third, but unfortunately I was declined to review the fourth, now I feel sad.  But that has nothing to do with just how fun and thrilling this book was to read.  Let me tell you my thoughts on The Beauty and the Barbarian.

Merrin has been hidden away all her life, for she was born with the mark of a witch on her face.  It did not help that her mother died giving birth to her.  To save her life, a plan was erected for Merrin and her father to inhabit an islet where they lived peacefully for many years, until a Highlander washes ashore and disrupts their entire lives.

Ian MacLeod thought that he had died and gone to 
heaven when he woke to see a vision of beauty that can only be bestowed on an angel (I'm getting good at this describing thing).  When she recoils from him he thought she knew all of his evil deeds, but when he uncovers her witch's mark he is shocked but intrigued by this tortured beauty.

Needing to get to his brother's keep as soon as possible, Ian is stalled by the musket wound on his back.  Time is of the essence as the longer Ian stays with Merrin and her father, the more at risk they are for getting caught up in Ian's sin.  

Merrin, never having someone accept her for herself, witch mark and all, is a blessing and a curse.  She makes a friend for the first time but she knows that nothing can become of it knowing that she cannot go with him without people not accepting her for who she is and not judge her for her mark.

Misfortune befalls them when the demons chasing Ian arrive and burn Merrin's house down, but not before they had a change to escape.  Would Ian deliver Merrin and her father to safety before it's to late?  Would the place he brings them too except Merrin?  You would have to read to find out!

+Amy Jarecki is amazing with the telling of her tales.  I felt like I was there, following Ian and Merrin on the chase and I felt Merrin's pain.  How would it feel to be judged for something that you had absolutely no power over?  To have judgement placed on you without even saying a word.  

As much as I love historical romance I have not EVER wish that I can live in those time frames.  I'm from African decent so they might mistake me for some ogre or troll or something, no thank you very much.

This book was fun, it was heartfelt and I wanted to punch Ian in the face, and you will too when you read the book. Never play with a girl's emotion Ian, NEVER!  Happy reading everybody.