A JANUARY BRIDE by Deborah Raney

September 26, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was a little slow for me but the story line was so romantic and funny that it carried me through the end of the book.

Successful author Madeleine Houser is forced out of the place she is currently staying at because of the war zone...........I mean, constructions that are currently taking place.

An accident prompts her neighbor to tell her about a bed and breakfast that sits vacant all day whilst the owner goes to work in another town.  Needing the peace and quit and a place to heal, Madeleine agrees and an amazing adventure was born.

Seeing has how her neighbor, Ginny, is advanced in years, Madeleine thought that her friend must be as well.  The story about how he lost his wife cemented her thoughts and Madeleine thought that Arthur was an elderly gentleman.

The flip side of this story that had me laughing was that Arthur thought the same thing.  Now Madeleine and Arthur occupy a space at different periods of time but they both feel each other's presence. 

What was really precious and old school, is that even though they've never met, they become good friends through my good friend, paper and ink.  They leave notes to one another almost each day and they get to know each through their cute little notes.

Soon they both start to fall in love with each other.  It would have been okay if they both did not think that they liked and elderly person.  To made it more complicated (yes more complicated than having the hots for an eighty year old), Arthur is still not over the death of his wife and Madeleine has a terrible track record of men.

When these two meet for the first time face to face, would all the doubts and fears clear away, or would it hang over them like their own personal thunder cloud and ruin their chances of a happy ending before it can even begin? (thunder crashes above head.........for effect)

This book had me on my toes.  +Deborah Raney had me in a constant state of anticipation.  I kept thinking, when are they going to meet!  When I thought that finally they're finally going to see each other, something always happen for it not to happen.  It was frustrating and fun to read.

The book was slow, it had it 's fun parts with the crying and the thinking that the other was old, but the book tended to drag a bit.  Also, I did not see the wedding coming.  One minute they were, "I don't know" and the next BAM, we're married.  I definitely missed something in the in-between.

Besides that, the story was sweet and romantic and I love Ginny, she was just too fun to read about and should have made way more appearances than she did.  She was after all the mastermind behind it all.