A FEBRUARY BRIDE by Betsy St. Amant

September 18, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I thought that this idea was really sound.  To have a book about a bride for each month of the year and by different authors.  I cannot be the only one to love this idea.  I was intrigued enough to read them, but unfortunately not in the correct order.

Allie Andrews is cursed.  Not just her, her entire family is cursed and she could not be any more cursed than wearing the wedding dress that her grandmother, mother and aunt has gotten married in, more that once.

On her wedding day, wearing that dress, that cursed dress that has plagued her family for generations, Allie knew that she could not do it.  She can't go through with the wedding and ruin his life, so in a state of self-sacrifice (or so she tells herself) Allie picks up herself and ran. (Yes, like run-away bride)

You see, Allie's family has a long history of failed marriages and they don't just get married once, they do it over and over and over again.  It's hard to believe, but it's true.

Two months later, Allie's best friend tracks her down to tell her her big news.  She is going to get married and she wants Allie to be her Matron of Honor. It seems like a good idea except that her friend is the sister of the man she left standing at the alter.

In order to get through this, Allie must come face to face with the man she "saved".  Would she be able to do this, or would her shame keep her away?

Betsy St. Amant got the ball rolling for me for A Year of Weddings Novella series.  I love how she started of with the wedding and ending with a wedding or two.  She made me not totally 
despise Allie for leaving a perfectly great man at the alter and breaking his heart.

Some parts was just not realistic.  I mean come on, how can Allie leave someone at the alter and when she comes back home,which is a small town, no one says anything about it.  No one was talking about her behind her back and bad mouthing her.  The most unrealistic of them all is how she was welcomed back with open arms into the same family she dissed when she ran out on their son?  Can you explain that one to me please.

Beside that, the book had me wondering what was going to happen next and I'm glad that Allie got over herself and did what she was suppose to do in the first place.