A DECEMBER BRIDE by Denise Hunter

September 22, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Alright, I read this part of the series after A February Bride and it was okay, I enjoyed a February Bride better but this was good in it's own way.

Seth Murphy is in trouble.  He found the perfect woman in Layla O'Reilly, but his best friend beat him to the punch and asked her out first.  If that was not bad enough, his best friend leaves Layla for her cousin and now Layla is putting all the blame on him since he introduced the two. How can Seth fix this, read and find out.

Having no date for the wedding of her witch of a cousin and the fiance she stole from her.  Layla was desperate and in a fit of poor helplessness agreed to go to the wedding with the man that made this all happen (in her twisted mind any way).

Things don't go as plan when a marriage was announced out of duress but it was all a misunderstanding.  Things go from bad to worse before anything can be cleared up and now Seth and Layla are "pretend" engaged.

To clear things up now would make Layla lose out on a major job so Seth goes along with it. Seth thinks the more time she spends with him, that Layla will fall in love with him and they can live happily ever after.  But can Layla get over her anger and hold it over his head forever.  Find out in A December Bride.

+Denise Hunter wrote a story where I loved the man and did not like the woman.  I understand being a little upset with him but to blame the entire affair on him is just bogus.  Seth is just one of the sweetest guys and to put all the blame on him and not your b....witch of a cousin and dumb a** ex-fiance is just not fair.

Other than that I loved the romance even though Layla was really slow not to realize that Seth is so into her.  Her mind works really crazy but she is a nice person and she proves herself to me at he end.  I enjoyed this story very much, it was adorable and I love the part with the sled.