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Apparently I read this series in the wrong order.  I read the forth book first and then I read the first book in the series after. How crazy is that!

Lady Emeline Gordon has taken it upon herself to teach wealthy girls the rules and etiquette in London. She does this knowing as widow and with more money than she can count, she does not have to work another day in her life.

Lady Emeline is a very classy woman who thinks that everything must be done according to the rules of society.  This is why she dresses fashionably and
flawlessly appropriate at all times.  All was going well until Emeline agreed to introduce the sister of a moccasin wearing ex colonial soldier now successful businessman, Samuel Hartley.

Samuel Hartley came to London, hunted by his past that has him running from his demons each night.  In his last mission his team was massacred by savage Indians at Spinner's Falls. One of the fallen men was Lady Emeline's brother and Samuel thinks that she is perfect for his plan of action.

Lady Emeline knows that Samuel is up to something but no matter how much she presses him, he won't admit to it.  She should not care what he is up too, especially from a man who willingly wears pants that are against every rule of London society, but something about Samuel calls to her and no matter what her head says, her body answers.

The passion that explodes between Lady Emeline and Samuel was unexpected on both sides and the more they tried to distance themselves, the stronger the pull until (giggles) you would not believe what happen with their passion.  Yes they had sex BUT the type of sex was VERY surprising, trust me!

With Samuel and Emeline fighting against each other, their common enemy was able to infiltrate their defenses and attack (OH NO).  Would Samuel and Emeline be able to work together to defeat their foe or would their fear of the unknown defeat them before they could even begin.  Find out in the first installment in The Legend of the Four Soldiers Series.

Elizabeth Hoyt is one naughty lady (blushes).  This book took me completely by surprise, who knew that the up-tight, I'mtogoodforyou princess Emeline could bend that way.   Seriously when they were on when they were trapped in the cl.......or when he did the......., damn, this is so hard, I want to tell you all the naughty things in the book, but that would spoil it for you when you read it.

Besides the sex, the book had a nice story line that had me confuse a little.  It was said that Emeline was promised to a friend of her brother and that it was a long standing agreement, yet, Emeline was married to someone else.  What would have happened if her husband had survived? Another confusing part was when Emeline's aunt and son were introduced, I thought the boy was her aunts son because of the words used in the introductory, but other than that, I was crystal clear on what was going on.

In To Taste Temptation you are put on a whirlwind of a ride that would have this book glued to your hand at all times until you have finished it.  Even though some of the characters were ignored in most of the book, I still enjoyed it except at the ending when they were no closer than.......I can't tell you that now can I, read the book and enjoy!