THE IDEAL MAN by Julie Garwood

August 18, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

What is your ideal man?  ls he tall or short? Dark and mysterious or fair and courteous?  There is an ideal man for each of us, and no matter how much we fantasize, when we find him, he's nothing like what we expect.

This seem the case for Dr. Ellie Sullivan, she was a few hours away from finally being free of the stressful job of being a surgery fellowship at St. Vincent's Hospital in St. Louis when all hell broke loose.

A few hours away from finally taking a break from school and work, she wants to take time to figure out what it is exactly she would like to do with her life, but as faith would have it, plans have a way of being screwed up.

Ellie's plans were cut up into many little pieces and thrown away when she witnessed a murder right in front of her eyes.

Well, an almost murder, since she was able to pull the bullet out of the shot man and now's he fit as a fiddle. Now that Ellie has completed her work, she plans to go to her parents home to attend her sister's wedding, (the sister, who is marring her ex-fiance by the way), but that was put on hold when she was informed that she has a bigger part to play in this than she anticipated.

Big, bad, alpha male Max Daniels, who is an F.B.I agent, is royally pissed that the sting operation that they had in place could have gone so horribly wrong.  Now shots were fired in a public place, agents are hurt, and their suspects got away scotch free.  

Max needs to interview Ellie to see what she witnessed, which means that depending on what she knows, she may have to be a witness in court. Max has made it his personal assignment to protect Ellie, since potential witnesses tend to disappear pertaining to this particular case.

Part of his assignment is to accompany her home to her sister's wedding and that's were things began to get a little blurred.  Now Max and Ellie are feeling things they are not suppose to feel and add a crazy stalker in the mix and you've got yourself a fun story.

+Julie Garwood is an AMAZING author who I love, love, love, but, this was not my cup of tea.  I love all her historical romances but this type of book was fun to read, but I feel disconnected with the characters.  I felt like I was reading a book (which I was),but I usually feel like I'm in the book walking around like a shadow or as all seeing eyes.

The characters were funny and charming, and Ellie's story was complicated and to add attempted murder to her life, is it weird that's it's normal for her. The book had a good plot, great characters and comedy, I don't know why I feel it's lacking in some way, it just fell short to my expectations.  My advice as usual is to read the book and find out.