August 09, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I was devastated by this book.  It had so much potential and had me all excited and then.........and then...........(starts crying), I just can't say it yet, go on and read my review.

William, Viscount Wivenly, is determined to remain a bachelor for the rest of his life.  His elusiveness is what makes him even more irresistible to woman and William finds himself caught in many a scheme to trap him into marriage from the young ladies of the ton as well as their mother's.

Finding a way to get escape from it all in the form of a task bestowed on him by his father, William sets off to the West Indies to solve the problem that seems to be plaguing a member of the family.  Once that task is down, William intends to fully sample the local wares, and I don't mean the food.

Determined to help her family despite what her mother says, Miss Eugenie Villaret will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of her family's financial problems.  Enlisting the help of her childhood friend, Eugenie breaks into her dead step-father's company to get some answers, but before she can learn anything, she was caught by none other than William and his companion.

The two of them instantly hit it off and it was love at first sight.  Oh, I'm not talking about William and Eugenie, I'm talking about her friend and his companion.  William and Eugenie rubbed each other the wrong way, seeing as how William wants to get under her skirts and Eugenie wants to get as far away as possible from him before he figures out who she is.

As fate would have it, an incident, that is all William's fault, had forced them to be married and before you start thinking, but that's his family, don't.  Eugenie was her mother's child from a previous marriage, so no harm done.

Things don't go as plan since Eugenie refuses to marry William and William not accustom 
to women telling him no, has to do something he never had to do before, seduce a woman.

+Ella Quinn  had such a good idea, but it fell flat.   In the beginning we found Eugenie saving an infant slave from a bad fate and in the rest of the book, nothing.  Opened the book with an amazing beginning and fell through in the rest of the book, that's false advertising.

Another issue I had was with the switching from one person's point of view to the next. In the copy I received, their was no clear indicators stating that I was moving from one person to the next.  One minute I'm reading William's story and then BAM, I reading another part of the story that is happening in a different part of the island.  I mean come on, some separates would have been nice.

This book was just a big disappointment, I did not connect with the characters and all the love words that were shared at each interval of the book at me rolling on eyes on more than one occasion.  "Oh, my love" and "Yes my darling" was too much.

All conflicts were easily resolved and everybody had a happy ever after.  Great idea, poor execution.  If you doubt my words, read the book and see for yourself.