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Ever wonder what it would be like to be a mistress? To be in control of a man's desires? Ever wonder what it would be like to be the mistress of an Earl? Me neither, but for one lady, she was left with no choice.

Isabella Aldridge is a brilliant woman with tremendous pressure cast on her shoulders.  Having to take care of her two sisters with her job as a governess was difficult, but it became almost impossible when she lost her job.

Now looking for a new post as a governess elsewhere, she was brought to the attention of an Earl.  After "interviewing" Isabella for a few seconds he dismissed her, but not before giving her some advice.  His advice was for her to become a mistress.

After rightfully slapping the Earl's smug face and storming off, Isabella realized that what the Earl said was true.  No one would have her as a governess and marring her cousin was out of the question so the only thing she can do is become a mistress.

Resolved in her new role to put food on the table for her sisters and a roof over there heads, Isabella asked a friend of hers to help her in her en-devour.  Styled with a new wardrobe and an interested patron, Isabella sets off to start her new life, but as luck would have it, her patron is none other than The Earl of Hepplewood, the man who gave her the idea in the first place.

Anthony, The Earl of Hepplewood has never had anyone refuse him before.  Okay, he did, but to a disastrous end.  Now needing to feel in control at all times, he plans to take his revenge on a look alike of the woman who dared to refuse him, and it was a stroke of luck the very woman he feels the need to punish arrives at his doorstep.

Now faced with each other, can the both of them survive the other, especially with all the hoopla that was thrown their way in the form of Isabella's aunt and cousin and kinky sex that is scary to most people, but exciting to Isabella.  Is something wrong with her for liking it? Find out in Liz Carlyle book The Earl's Mistress.

This book was interesting, but not in an exciting way.  Isabella was very annoying in her indecision about everything.  With all the repetition in the book I felt deja vu over and over again.  You heard the same saying over and over and the same arguments, it was exhausting just having to read it.

The thing that irked me the most was the sex.  It just did not fit with the story line.  I don't know if this was the first attempt at S&M that the author wrote but this was just bad.  I felt nothing and I skipped through them all.  I've read books with S&M that were totally awesome, but this one just did not do it for me.

Besides the sex and the repetition, this book had a good bones that told a story of a young woman, with no family who were willing to help her, try to take care of her sisters.  Don't worry, she did not end up as only his mistress.  Want to find out what I mean, read the book and find out.