July 07, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I'm not sure if this book ended fairly or if the author cheated.  I feel cheated somehow but I can't place my finger on why I feel this way. Let me explain.

Jenny Carpenter has decided to take charge of her life, which includes her quitting her job as a teacher in her small hometown of Last Chance (Yes, that is the real name of the town) and pursuing her dream of opening a Bed and Breakfast of her own. It has nothing to do with her giving up being married with kids and to embrace her spinster hood, it's just that she found that it was time to follow her dreams.

Trouble comes when the former owner of the hunted house Jenny bought shows up on a dark and stormy night (I'm not kidding) demanding that she sell him back his house.  Not comprehending why someone would see her a house and then want to buy it back at a ridiculous prize, Jenny told him that she's not selling, slammed the door in his face and thought that was the end of it.

Gabriel Raintree is a best seller author of horror novels who seems to be even more miserable and tortured than the heroes in his books.  Wanting to have some peace and quiet, Gabriel goes back to his home town of Last Chance to reconnect with his roots, but an annoying little inn keeper won't sell him back his house.  To make matters worse, she won't even let him stay stating that she was not open for business and that he'll have to find lounging elsewhere. 

As luck would have it, her massive dog  attacked him, which made him fall down and sprain his ankle.  With no other choice than to allow Gabriel to stay and being bombarded by the book club for his assistance to save the Library (a very noble cause I might add); cemented her decision to allow Gabriel to stay.

They settled into the routine of grumpy author and shy inn keeper until some strange things start to happen.  As strange as a chicken thrown at a pastor (get will).  With the unwanted attraction between these two you got to admit, it's not easy being hunted by a ghost.

Do I have your attention, good.  This was a very interesting book that hit me over the end with the ending.   It was so not expected and I seriously think that the author cheated!  I dare you to read this book and NOT think that Miss Hope Ramsey did not cheat in some way.

Besides the feeling of being cheated, this book had a little of everything that is associated with small town living.  The village gossip, the bitch, the stuck up I'mbetterthanyou people and you even get a bonus of a smoking hot reverend who is dumb as a rock.  Want to know what exactly I'm talking about, my advice to you is to simply read the book.