DADDY'S GAME by Normandie Alleman

July 15, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Do you love your daddy?  Not the daddy that was responsible for your mother being pregnant with you, the type of daddy who takes care of your needs, sexually.  Yeah, it's not exactly my cup of tea but this does appeal to some ladies or men.

Carmen Harris was hiding in her agent's office on the day of her gallery opening.  Why was she hiding? because she is very shy and afraid of what people would think about her paintings. When her agent finally gets her out of his office, Carmen comes face to face with football star Natron Dakers.

Natron brings out the beast in Carmen.  She realized that Natron is the kind of man who knows what he wants and and goes after it and apparently, he wants her.

When Natron first met Carmen, he new that she was the right woman for him.  His first attempt of claiming her were shot down, but he was too irresistible to resist a second time.  And the love affair between the artist and the football star begins. 

Things were going smoothly and then Natron test the waters by proposes to Carmen that he wants to be her daddy and that he wants her to be his baby girl, surprisingly Carmen quickly agreed. (This truly surprised me).

Feeling like his life is going in the right direction, Natron feels on top of the world until he is buried six feet under by a knee injury that could make him lose his football career.  

Would Natron's knee heal in time to play in the current season, would his knee even heal at all. The biggest question is if Natron's and Carmen's relationship would survive with all the added strain.  Read to find out in the second book of the Daddy's Girls series Daddy's Game.

Normandie Alleman book was poorly executed. This book has little conflict, everything went smoothly in this book.  According to the character profile I picked out from the book is that Carmen is very, very shy and would not easily give in to a celebrity easily.  It would have taken her weeks to agree to what Natron wants of her but in this case, it took a few minutes.

This book was not realistic to me.  Everything was quickly done with minimum fuss and I was not entertained.  This is suppose to be an erotic book and I did not feel the heat.  It was mediocre at best, it's not because I don't like these types of sex play (I've read books with daddy play before and it was awesome), it's just that it read like hump, hump, hump and done.

This book could have been executed better, but it was a nice idea for a book.  A reminder, this is my opinion, if you don't agree with me, please feel free to tell me what you think.