June 11, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

"Winning Miss Wakefield" is such an interesting title.  When you hear these words, you think of a man who is so in love with Miss Wakefield that he tries everything to win her heart, or in a more twisted way he wants Miss Wakefield in order to accomplish something and then cast her aside.  Do you like wagers?  then you're going to love this book.

Merribeth Wakefield has had her reputation ripped to shreds all because her fiance of five years (FIVE YEARS) has decided he wanted to marry someone else, not giving a care as to what that would do to Merribeth's reputation.

Now being shunned by the ton, a friend of Merribeth's aunt, Eve, comes up with the ridiculous and daring idea for a way to boost her confidence, she has to kiss a rake.

The Marques of Knightswold also known as Bane has no time for marriage minded women.  His arrangement for woman are those of a single night and nothing more, until he meets Miss Wakefield.  

His whole life, Bane has set out to seek revenge against the people that caused his world to crumple at his feet, over and over again.  Merribeth threatened to ruin his revenge by making him want things that he should have, yes I said should have.

Would kissing the most notorious rake save Merebeth's reputation? Would Bane give up on his revenge and choose to be happy?  Or would a unforeseen (which I did see by the way) enemy ruin both their hopes and dreams and destroy what little happiness that they have? Find out in the second installment of "The Wallflower Wedding Series". 

+Vivienne Lorret had a great idea when it came to this series, but I got a little confuse some of the time.  The wagers between Bane and his aunt were weird and also the incident that happened to one of Merribeth's friend.  I don't know if it was talked about in the first book, but I really want to know about the incident. 

I feel mean saying this but the writing didn't really draw me in as much as I wanted to, I just wanted to know what happened at the end and it did not really come as a surprise for me. The way the book was going, I knew that was going to be the outcome.  Other than that everything was good.