TO DESIRE A DEVIL by Elizabeth Hoyt

June 21, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Does being in love with a painting make you crazy? Not just any painting, the painting is a portrait of the deceased Earl of the house and title that your uncle currently holds.  The death of this past Earl was the only reason your uncle was able to gain this title and the wealth that comes with it, now imagine the portrait coming to life on your tea table?

That is what happened to Miss Beatrice Corning, being in love with a painting of a dead man, Beatrice was quite surprised when he burst into her home, mad with fever, demanding his father, a man who has been dead for five years.  

After this shocking display, the man then collapse to the ground, taking her table along with him.  Acting on instinct, Beatrice called for the servants to move him into a room and called for the doctor.  Her uncle just wanted to throw him out, but something in Beatrice just would not let him, an instant bond that she can not explain.

Reynaud St. Aubyn has lived in hell for the past seven years and demands his soul back from the devil.  The only way he can think of to regain it is to reclaim everything that he has lost.  Only one thing is stopping him from his goal, well two things really, Miss Beatrice Corning and her uncle.

Finding no need to plead back for his title, but knowing it has to be done, Reynaud aims to make himself presentable, but nothing he does can disguise the dangerous aura that surrounds him, but what do you expect when you have lived among savage Indians for years (you heard me, Indians).

Now they both find themselves in a bind where they both need what the other person can only provide.  Reynaud needs a wife and Beatrice needs a home for both herself and for her uncle.  Understanding that they need each other, they both agreed to each other terms and expected life to go on as normal.

Things never go as you plan, especially when you put a traitor in the mix and the most unfavorable of all crimes, falling in love with your own husband.(GASP)

Can there marriage survive the battles to come?  Would Beatrice want to stay with someone they deem as mad?  Or would they all be killed before an answer can arise?  Find out the the fourth and final book in "The Legend of the Four Soldiers Series"

Elizabeth Hoyt wrote a unique and quite interesting book, where a proper Miss falls in love with a raving lunatic and lived to tell the tale.  Okay, I exaggerated, but I love to do it.  I like this book so much that I went out to purchase the first book in the series and I just know that I am going to love it.