June 05, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

First time reading a +Susan Mallery book and it was a good start, but it would have been great if I had started from the first book in the "Fool's Gold" series. This book have a type of go with it vibe that I am not used too and I cannot decide if I like it or not, yet.  I need more of +Susan Mallery's book to come to my own conclusion.

Isabel Beebee (Yes that is her real name) has had the biggest blow to any woman's pride, ever, she turned her husband gay and he left her for another man, dun dun dun.

Okay, so he was probably gay to begin with but that still does deplete a woman's sense of pride and him leaving her for a man hurt Isabel's pride so much that she moved back home to Fool's Gold to start over.

Isabel wants to open a fashion store, but needs capital in order to start her business in New York so Isabel decided to run the family bridal shop until her parents are ready to sell it and then she would pack up and leave to pursue her real dream.

Well things have a way of slapping you in the face, for Isabel that was Ford Hendrix.  Ford was her first strike in the men department seeing as she wrote to him for years, since she was fourteen and not once did he send back a response, which just broke her teenage heart. Now Ford is back in Fools's Gold and unlike her, hebis there to stay.

Ford Hendrix returned to Fool's Gold to witness that Isabel, the fourteen year old who declared her love forever to him,  has turned into a beautiful woman and this is a bad thing seeing as he doesn't not want a serious relationship and Isabel has serious written all over her. But having to dodge his mother (with good reason), Ford must ask Isabel for a favor, one that she finds both interesting and frightening at the same time.

Would Isabel agree and have the time of her life or would a past failure keep her from taking the plunge.

Three Little words was a fun read and even though it got sappy on me at the ending is was the kind of sappy that made me say awwwwwwwwww and read over and over again, just because it was that good.

The book kind of dragged for two to three chapters but then it picked up again, and boy did it pick up.  This book was not just about the love story between Isabel and Ford but also some others as well that you are totally going to enjoy.