DOUBLE PLAY by Jill Shalvis

June 23, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

YEAH! I went into the bookstore and saw this book and I just picked it up without even looking at the description on the back. I've read enough books of +Jill Shalvis to know that her books are funny, warming and heartbreaking all at once, and I was right.

Pace Martin is a man who was forced to realize a terrible truth. A truth that all men realize much later on in their lives, but for Pace, that time came much to early.  Being the ace pitcher for the Pacific Heat (Baseball for those who were wondering) , he's got the whole package and good looks to boot.

Suffering from an arm injury that can force him to an early retirement, Pace realizes that his whole life is baseball, so the question is, who is he without it?  Pace being a man, thought that he was nothing without baseball.  Needing to focus on not letting his injury become worse, the last thing he needs is a distraction and of course that is exactly what he gets, in the form of Holly Hutchins.

Holly Hutchins is a tough tell it like it is writer who always gets her story.  Holly can smell a good story and the smell was coming straight from Pace. Trying to get around Pace's stubborn attitude was a problem but Holly is determined to discover any secrets that needs to be exposed.  The result of a flighty mother, Holly had to raise herself and does not need anyone to take care of her, but, it's nice to want someone to once in a while.

With Holly getting clearance to tag along with the team for every game,  Pace does not get a break from the persistent annoyance who won't stop asking questions, it's much worse when he finds himself attracted to the annoyance.

A romance is born but was dying fast due to the lack of trust.  Leeks pertaining to the teams performance are made public and Holly gets the heat for that and with the suspicion of the team using enhancement drugs, can Holly resist the temptation to write the story or would the new Holly with friends, not run the story.

+Jill Shalvis is fun to read, especially the silly scenes; like the one where Holly and Pace were half naked painting the.........sorry, I get carried away sometimes.  I recommend that you read this book, it would have you laughing and crying and make you fell like you've made some new friends.  Now I'm just waiting for the story of Sam and Gage, or was that book already written?