May 18, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Lucky me, I always seem to pick up books that follow a pattern, and my current pattern are women you get what they need handed to them only to throw it in the garbage for what they think they need, and this woman was one of the worst offenders of doing just that.

Christy Madaris, has always been the baby in the family.  Having come along late her parents lives when all their other children were already grown or close to it, she was lavished with attention and was always protected, especially by her three older brothers who think that no one was good enough for their baby sister.

Having finished college and and obtaining a job as an investigative reporter, Christy thinks that it's about time that she lives on her own, away from her over protective brothers, but the main reason is for her to mend her broken heart.

Alex Maxwell is a family friend of the Madaris, and best friends with Christy's brothers. After Christy left home to live on her own, her brothers came to Alex to ask him to look out for Christy, when ever he was in her area.  

Alex having his own P.I firm was the perfect choice to go to "check up" on Christy seeing as he has a genuine reason to be in her area,  to see to Chritsy's safety, but I don't think that her brothers would have asked him if they knew that he was the one to break Christy's heart in the first place.

Christy had just settled into her knew home when Alex walks back into her life, acting like he belong's there, when she knows that he does not.  But with the sparks flying between these two, can she ignore what they have between them and move on.

Alex is not giving up, he knew that he hurt Christ and is driven to erase that hurt and win her back.  Things become even more complicated when Christy was given the job of investigation a woman who believes that she has dreams of her dead daughter, telling her about a sex slave trade she was kidnapped into.

I know, crazy huh, but is there truth to her claims, or is this just a way for a woman who lost her only child's way of cooping with her lost.  All I know is that this book will take you for a ride that will make you want to punch Christy in the face, I know I did.

Brenda Jackson has written a wonderful book that had me craving for more.  The real meat of Alex and Christy's problem were explained really early in the book and after I read it, I thought to myself, now what?  This was the first book EVER, that I have read where I was interested in what was happening with the investigation than with the romance. 

Every time it was brought back to the love story between Alex and Christy I wanted to fast-forward to the crime part, I was that intrigued by it; plus having to listen to Christy and her self-righteous behind talk about how she's a woman and not a child yet acts and thinks like one was getting on my nerves.

Especially the part where Alex had was to come and rescue her stupid a......., sorry, can't say the word and can't tell you what happened.  That will be giving too much away.  Read the book and see what i'm talking about, I understand Christy's side of the story, really I do, but I still did not like her attitude.