May 28, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Wow, this book is just, WOW.  First time in ever, I think that the woman was a total and selfish female dog.  I cannot stress how much I disliked how this woman thinks, poor Ivor.

Ariadne Carfax has always known that she was to marry her distant cousin Ivor to form an alliance between the two feuding families.  Feeling trapped in a marriage she does not want, Ariadne escapes from the the valley where her family lives to have a few moments of freedom to herself and this is where she met Gabriel Fewcett.

Thinking herself in love, Ariadne escapes everyday to be with her love who in turn loves her back.  Ariadne threw caution to the win, not thinking of the consequences of her actions. 

The day had finally come for her marriage and due to her actions, she is tricked at the altar (get it) by her family.  they think that she has plans of ignoring her obligations and escape the valley one day, so why wait for the marriage when it can happen sooner rather than later.

Ivor Chalfont was plucked from the sanctity of home and placed in a distant and foreign land, without even knowing why this was so.  He became fast friends with Ariadne and was more than willing for their marriage to come about. Plans changed when his betrothed confessed that she was in love with another man, and that all she felt for him was nothing but friendship.

After they were wed, they called a truce and decided to start their marriage anew, and for a while things went well, until all the things that Ariadne tried to keep hidden comes into the light.  Now Ariadne must try to fix her problems before Ivor learns of them, otherwise that would be the end of the agreement between the two.  

With new feelings that Ariadne was experiencing towards Ivor, she realised it was different than what she felt for Gabriel and does not want to lose what she has found, but if Ivor finds out, dun, dun, dun.

Jane Feather wrote a twister of a book, where in my eyes, the woman was the villain.  I know women have rights and they can do anything a man can do and more; but how she chose the easy way out instead of the mature and better way, just made me want Ivor to annul their marriage and leave. 

You'll see what I'm talking about when you read the book.