ONLY HERS by Francis Ray

May 26, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Okay, I went into my local Library and saw this books and instantly picked it up.  I know you're not suppose to judge a book by it's cover, but i just could not resist, it was a bonus that the book happened to be good as well.

When Shannon Johnson needs to get away from her life, she escapes to Texas, where she inherited a cabin. The owner of the cabin was one of her patients and knew the trouble she was having and told her that the cabin will heal her.

Upon reaching the cabin however, she saw that it was nothing but a run-down shack and felt her despair deepen, things does not get better when she meets Matt Taggart, the smoking hot neighbor from next door.

Matt Taggart was surveying his land when he came upon someone sleeping in a car.  Locals know better than to stay on his land and he goes to confront them.  Matt did not expect to see a beautiful woman asleep in the car and a fire consumes him to possess her.

Let's just say, even with the heat brewing between these two, Matt's distrust of women, especially beautiful women, has the both of them at each other's throats.  At every turn Matt is at Shannon back, putting her down and telling her to go home.

To make matters worse, Shannon has what Matt knows belongs to him and until she gives it back to him, Matt is stuck with her.   

Now the battle is on between the kind and loving Shannon and the pigheaded and blind Matt to see who will get what they want.

Francis Ray wrote a very nice story, but I was confused by the names in the beginning and some of the characters were getting mixed up in my head that I had to re-read the chapters three times before I finally sought out who was whom.

This book was fun but frustrating most times because of Matt and his dumb way of thinking. Is that how it all works, you get hurt by one person and suddenly you know how everyone thinks?