May 29, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

They have no name, they are only known as the Eve's. Having trouble with your husbands whoring ways and want out, knowing if you do you leave with nothing. This a job for the Eve's, but they do not meddle with anybody, they only go after the big fish only.

The Eve's are woman who themselves have been wronged by a man, their father, brother, lover, boyfriend or husband. The head Eve finds these woman and train them to do what is necessary to get the job done.

The Eve's do not exist, if you hear someone talking about the Eve's they will be punished. The best way for the Eve's to work is for people to think that you do not exist. You do not find an Eve, and Eve will find you, and you better be able to handle what comes next because Eve's play dirty.

I got this book for free on Amazon and I loved it, it was not my usual cup of tea, but my oh my was it fun. It had no romance, no soft spots, just sex. I wonder if it really has a service like this in the real world, and I cannot imagine the amount of therapy they need after every job, especially when you are not called y your real name, just Eve (get it).

This book is like the Men in Black only for lying, cheating, rich husbands and the women who marry them.