YOU'RE ALL I NEED by Karen White-Owens

April 27, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

My library is back baby, YEAH.  It opened it's brand new door with their brand new look but the best part is, they kept their old staff.  When I entered again for the first time after all this time, I was so happy and borrowed two books to read, (even though I have so much e-books at home to read).  This is a story with a twist and I liked it, but was not satisfied by.

Tia Edwards wants to make it in her chosen career whilst also maintaining a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, when it all goes downhill (Okay, it went downhill with the boyfriend, not her job), can anyone help her mend her broken heart?

Enters Christophe Jensen, he's a new attorney from the home office in France, and for the past few weeks, these two have been flirting like crazy, but now with her ex-boyfriend out of the way, will Tia allow herself trust a man again, (she better)

Finally feeling like her life is getting back on track, a family emergency has Tia at a cross-road between living her life for herself or for her families sake, or most likely, for her mother's sake.

Karen White-Owens had a very nice idea, but did not go in depth about it.  I read the book but I never really got a sense of who Tia really is,it felt like I was reading a shadow.  I love the idea of having the racist issue, but with a twist, but that's mainly what I like about the book.

The love scenes were very detailed, but lacked the heat behind the words and I felt like I was reading a Biology book.

So all in all, I could be wrong, so read the boo and tell me what you think about it!