THE WEDDING by Julie Garwood

April 01, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

A heart that was nurtured to seek revenge against the people responsible for his father's murder and the destruction of his home has left Connor MacAlister without a day of true peace.

With vengeance in his heart and revenge on his mind, Connor would do anything to humiliate his enemy, including abducting his enemy's future wife and marrying her for himself.

Lady Brenna was taking a break by a stream when she heard a shout from her camp, when she arrived it was to see that five "outcast" have subdued her guards and and all she can do was pray to save them.

When their intentions were clear, Lady Brenna agreed to marry their leader (Connor) in exchange for the release of her guards, and the most troubling thing to me is that she was worried about the war paint that her future husband was wearing more than being married against her will.

With his task of taking his enemy's bride completed, Connor is convinced that his life would stay the same with little to no interruptions from his wife, and of course, he was wrong.  

With Brenna determined to have her way and he even more determined to leave things as they are, Connor and Brenna finds themselves hurting each other's feelings, but mostly Brenna; seeing as she is English and she was forcefully uprooted from what she knows and forced to adapt to her new way of life with barely and help from her husband.  It does not help that Connor is emotionally crippled. 

Throw in some bothersome in-laws and rioting neighbors and you know this story got real interesting real fast.

This book was a little predictable to me, seeing as how I found out who the traitor was early on in the book, they were too obvious but even with knowing who the culprits were for his father's death, it was both fun and frustrating reading about how Connor was searching for proof of the traitors when they were right under his nose.

Julie Garwood created a strange love story where the characters in the story fell in love with each other when they were barely in each other's presence.  Connor always had to go and and do his own thing and in doing that left Brenna to suffer; I'm also mad at what happened to poor Gilly, poor, poor, Gilly.

As usual, you have to read the book to figure out all the information that I provided without actually telling you what actually happened in the book.  So read the book and tell me what you think about it.