April 11, 2014 Swan Creates 1 Comments

This is the first time that I have read anything from Julie James and it was very entertaining.  It was refreshing to read something that is like the other books I read but have it's own unique touched to it that made it quite an enjoyable read.

Sidney Sinclair's time is running out, her biological clock is ticking as well as finding a date for her younger sister's wedding. After having been through a humiliation with the end of her own engagement, Sidney plans to protect herself from making the same kind of mistake again.  

Sidney vows for no more men who are players, not secure in their jobs or have bad relationships with their parents.  She even came up with rules that she goes through on each date she takes, and believe me their were a lot of rules.  Sidney thought that she rules would keep her safe until she met  Vaughn Roberts.

Vaughn Roberts was out to have coffee before meeting his brother when he me a sexy little red in the shop he was in.  After a failed attempt at a pick up, Vaughn walks away hoping that he never has to see her again, until they meet again a few minutes later, seeing as she is soon to be his sister-in-law.

And before you think badly, his little brother is getting married to Sidney's little sister, not Sidney herself.  Vaughn and Sidney wanted to know what were the odds and to make matters worse, they are the maid of honor and the best man, so they have to be around each other a lot more than they wanted too.

Time was not on their side seeing as how her sister and future brother-in-law want to have the wedding quickly for a very good reason, so everything has to be fast-tracked, including Sidney's plan to find Mr. Right.

Having to work together had Sidney and Vaughn finding heat that should not be there seeing as they both want different things but that thought went downhill when they were rolling around on the ground locking lips in Vaughn's mother's garden.  The heat went up unexpectedly and it was awesome.  They were stuck together now.

But with each relationship, there comes difficulty, seeing as Sidney wants marriage and kids and all Vaughn wants s to have a good time, would Vaughn change his tune or would they both miss out on the best thing that could happen to the both of them.  Dun, dun, DUNNNNN, lol

Come on, we all know how it's going to turn out but it is always fun to read the different ways that it happens.  This was a books were everything was resolved very quickly and without much difficulty yet it was very fun to read.

Miss Julie James did what I thought was impossible, she wrote about easy and happy endings for everybody with no major tragedy yet she had me so en-rapt that I did not want to put down the book.

Another things I noticed is that I keep picturing everybody in my head a black people.  I know she described them as white people but the images that came to my mind were black.  I read both black and white romances and they both have a different feel to them and, I got the feeling that I got when I read black romances. And that's a bad thing cause I love the book anyway.