McKETTRICK'S CHOICE by Linda Lael Miller

March 19, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I got this book at a book swap and I reluctantly picked it up to read it, thinking that I would not enjoy the book.  Boy was I wrong, I have to stop passing judgement on books before I read them, otherwise I would miss out on a lot of good books.

What would you do if a letter came to you telling you that the man who raised you is about to lose his land and a good friend of yours is going to hang for a crime he did not commit?........oh and it's also your wedding day!

If your answer is get married well I'm sorry but you would be wrong.  Hot Mckettrick choose his "adopted family" and rode of to Texas on his horse to save the people he loves.

Lorelei Fellows is the daughter of a tyrant of a judge who as a statement burned her wedding dress in the town square after finding her soon to be husband in bed with a house maid, and on there wedding day no less.

After watching the dress burn a few minutes, Lorelei turned to walk away when large hands grab her and she is turned to face the angry face of Holt Mckettrick.

Holt never saw someone like Miss Lorelei, especially since she was foolish enough to start a fire that could spread like wildfire. After having some words between each other, Lorelei stalks off hoping that Holt will go back from where ever he came from.

But as luck would have it, in order for the both of them to achieve their goals, they keep bumping into each other.  Holt has to save his adopted father's ranch, prove his best friend innocence and keep everyone alive whilst doing it and having some ungrateful to proud of a woman tagging along when an opportunity to purchase cattle arises, is going to add a whole new set of problems that he did not need.

Lorelei was adamant, and with the combine farces of Holt's brother and reason, Lorelei wins. So they all set out on a cattle drive.

On their way the encountered Comanches, ghost, a fire and a deaf baby. Taking on those was the easy part for Holt, dealing with Lorelei as the hard part. Feel like your missing something, read the book to fill in the blanks.

I liked this book, I read the urgency in what the writer wrote, there was a lot of what if's and I liked that.  the romance, to me, seemed like an after thought.  You have all this story and then the romance was there and it did not seem to really fit with their personalities.  I keep getting thrown by what Holt and Lorelei said to each other, especially the love scene.  It did not fit because Lorelei does not come of like the type of woman to give in as easily as she did.

Other than that, I was satisfied by the book and I know you would too, to look for Linda Lael Miller, she writes exciting and thrilling work.