INCOMPLETE by Lindy Zart

March 25, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Do you know how it feels, that a boy, have you as the center of is world and to take all his love and feelings and throw it back in his face!

I'm getting ahead of myself.  Greyson Lee is a troubled soul with an abusive family relationship.  Not the type of abuse that leaves physical wounds, the kind that hurts the mind and heart, making you think negative thoughts about yourself.

Greyson thinks that something is wrong with him.  That if he was not alive the whole world would be a better place; that is why even though he is in love with his next door neighbor and best friend, Lily, he thinks that he is not good enough for her.

Lily was the one that forced him to open up, Lily was the one that really saw him, Lily was the only one that allowed him to be himself and Greyson fell in love with her, before he even understood what love was.

He lets out his love for her through the songs he writes and sings out his emotion for her when she is not around, telling himself that he must save her from himself.

Lily is the type of girl who does not like to give up, and when she sets her sights on Greyson, she mean's she has got to have him.  But with Greyson's pushing her away and deliberately hurting her so she would be "happy" she was not having none of that.  So she does outrageous things to get his attention, and oh bou does she get his attention.

Want to know how she throws all his love back in his face... well unfortunately I do not wan to totally ruin the book for you so you have to read the book for yourself, and believe me, you will not regret it.  I have read this book walking and bumped into many things along the way just so that I don not have to put down the book and I have been late for work because I could not be appeased until I found out what had happened.

I felt cheated since their story does not end there and I wanted to get the second book "Complete" right away, which luckily I had.  Look out for my review on "Complete" by Lindy Zart, who is a wonderful  writer with a dark-side.  That is what I get from her writing, she also has a romantic and a funny side and they all came together to produce this wonderfully amazing book.