COMPLETE by Lindy Zart

March 27, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Complete is the second and last book of Lindy Zart book "Incomplete" starring Greyson Lee and his best friend Lilly.  Except for this time we are reading from Lilly's point of view.

When we last saw these two love birds, Lilly made the ultimate sacrifice so that Greyson can achieve his dream and she told him "I'll wait forever for you Greyson" and I believed her.

I was so excited when I started to read Complete, thinking that it would have less angst than in the first book, but boy was I mistaken.

Lilly have given up, all the spunk and fearlessness she once possess in the first book completely disappeared in this one and she has also lost my respect.

I has been two years since Lilly split with Greyson and still she would not pick up the phone and call him, thinking to herself that he was over her, since he was dating multiply women, totally disregarding that he has a tattoo of a Lilly over his heart and her name tattooed on his knuckles.

Lilly just seemed to shut and and she has no one to blame but herself,  anyhow, Greyson comes back to town after doing what Lilly told him to do and does she go visit him, no, no she does not.  She dares wish that he never came back which is pretty selfish of her considering his family lives right across the street from her parents.

Lilly goes out of her way to avoid him and he tries everything to get back what they once had, but something broke in Lilly and she just gave up, she just gave up and I did not like Lilly at at in the book, Greyson was to good for her the coward and she knew that too.

They finally get back together and every time something does not go right, she wants to break it off and go run and hide and each time she thought this, I wanted to jump in that book and punch her in the face.  (Yes I am extremely violent, but only in my head)

Lilly once told Greyson that she would wait forever for him, but it seem that was not the case she gave up on him the day she dumped him and never looked back.  Would all the pain of their separation as well as the uncertainty of the future keep them from finally putting their souls to rest and be at peace or would someone's negative attitude break them apart forever, and I am not talking about Greyson.

Lindy Zart came back again with even more angst than the first book and I it works, it really works.  I felt what Lilly was feeling and I did not care to hear her thoughts because they were weak stupid thoughts and I felt for Greyson, even though I was not aware of what he was thinking, I new what he was feeling and my heart went out to him over and over again, especially at the end with Megan.

This was a trilling conclusion to this two part series of "Incomplete" and "Complete" and I have to say that this type of book was not my usual style of books that I read and I do not regret reading these books.  it opened my eyes to a new type of book that was different from my norm.