CASTLES by Julie Garwood

March 01, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Looking through my book collection, I found this way in the back and I realized that this was one of my first books that I received from my mother.  I immediately began to read it again yesterday and today I am finished, yes the book was just that good.

Imagine being a princess, I know, many women when they were girls imagined that they were, but Alesandra is no fairy tale princess, she is a real princess from the home country of her father but the author did not happen to name the name of the country that she was from, or maybe I just missed it.

Alesandra, having been orphaned at a young age and having to live in a convent, has thought her how to be humble and to not take anything for granted.  However her life was put in an uproar when she was ordered to return to her fathers homeland when a turmoil began in the land.

Wanting to escape her deary future she must quickly marry, as woman have too apparently, and she only has three weeks to do so.  So leaving the convent and going to stay with her guardian, the Marquess of Cainewood,  to find out the suitable candidates that could be her husband.

Upon arriving in London, her guardian and his family have come down with an illness, as well as his eldest son and his family, and since there was not much time to lose, she was forced to stay with her guardians second son Colin.

Of course Colin is a extremely smart man but his stubbornness over shines that and since Alesandra is exactly the same way, the two of them were butting heads since day one.  Alesandra, unfortunately has the "disadvantage" of being a woman and Colin got his way way too much for my liking.

With a list with all the eligible bachelors made, Colin finds fault with all of them and in the end decided to marry her himself, sounds romantic right, it would have been if his father haven't told him about an old debt that he wasn't able to repay before Alesandra's father died, and Colin thought it his duty to marry her.  MEN.

With not so mysteries kidnapping attempts and connecting disappearances, I can say one thing, their marriage would never be boring.  We all know that they will fall in love, but it is always exciting to know how they came about loving each other even though it seemed impossible that they even like each other at the beginning.

I have to say that I knew who was the person behind the murders, if there one thing I learned from Nora Roberts, is that it's always the person you least expect, and it kind of was.  When you read this book, and you should, tell me if you figured out the culprit before Alesandra did.