BLUE SMOKE by Nora Roberts

March 06, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This i s another re-read for me, my copy is a little water damaged but still legible.

This is a story about two souls that were connected by fire, one in the path of destruction and the other in the path of righteousness.

Reena Hale was only eleven years old when the restaurant that her mother and father owned was caught on fire.  Being the one to see the fire she was also able to save three lives in the process.  Reena's family bonded even more that night when another family was torn apart.

The Pastorelli's life was destroyed that night when he got it in his head to burn down Reena's family restaurant. This was due to an altercation that took place between Reena's father and Mr. Pastorelli after is son, Joey, attacked Reena at school. 

After the fire Reena and Joey's life was never the same again.

Years later, after having fire claim people that she loves, Reena has learned to close herself off and learned not to let anybody get close.  She fears that if they get to close that fire will claim the one's she loves, that is why ever since her first fire, Reena wanted to be an arson police; and she got her wish.

Bo Goodnight, saw Reena at a party when she was in college and it was love at first sight.  Unfortunately, he never met her until she moved in next door to him and he couldn't believe his luck at finding dream girl after all these years.

Now when he finally got his dream girl, Reena is plagued by threatening phone calls and firery messages.  Now he must wait hopelessly as he watches his dream girl run in fires to find clues that will point to who exactly is her fire starting stalker.  If she fails she and everyone that she cares about will die, and one even did. (I cried when I read that part)

Nora Roberts have done it again, she had me so enthralled with her characters, it's like they are my close personal friend..  When they got angry, I was angry; when they were sad, I was sad; when they were on the verse of losing there mind I was right there with them.

Reena came from a big Italian family and her generation was making it even bigger with her two sisters and a brother with multiple children between them, it was hard for me to keep up with them.  Nora wrote her family in such a nice light that I want to go out and adopt an Italian family for myself but I rather find me a Bo Goodnight.

I guarantee that this book is an excellent read and would have up many sleepless nights trying to find out how everything played out.