March 15, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I got this book in a second hand store for ten dollars and I thought that this book would have been alright, but not to good.  The book is battered and has that old book smell and it took me a while to actually pick up the book and read it and I'm glad I did because I have read this book five times and I am going for my sixth.

Chelsea Bellamy is sent into further disarray when she receives a ransom note for five hundred pounds for the release of her brother.  After losing her father and her mother, Robert, her brother, is the only family she has left. He the daughter of a squire and Robert taking the last of their coin to join the regiment, Chelsea has no money left, much less five hundred pounds.

In desperate need of the money, Chelsea decided to ask a neighbor of her's for the money but his terms for the repayment was much to high and vulgar to her and she refused his help, as she very well should have, sick pervert.

Still in need of the money Chelsea decided to turn into a life of crime.  She adopted the name of "One eye Jack" who was actually her butler before her father reformed him from a life of crime. He now goes only as Jack and even though he is past sixty, he still helps Chelsea with her plan of highway robbery, that is how Chelsea met Anthony Grenville.

Anthony Grenville, also known as Viscount Montrose, was travelling with his fiance and her mother when his carriage was robbed by what seemed as a father and daughter team of bandits.  Since this is his first taste of excitement in a long while, he wanted to spring into action but with his fiance and her mother he could not have really done anything without getting them hurt.

On being robbed Anthony finds himself attracted to the young One eye Jack, who is really Chelsea dressed as a boy, which he finds ridiculous since he does not "bugger" boys, went he tackled him he felt his curves and saw his eyes up close and convinced himself that "One eye Jack" is indeed a woman, but before he could really find out, they escaped with his money and his interest.

After a series of events which I do not want to give away, they meet and Anthony hears her story and decided to help Chelsea to kill his boredom.  Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth (where did this saying come from anyhow), Chelsea excepts.

Now the two of them, excuse me the three of them must race to find clues to rescue her brother before it's to late, especially when the deadline for the ransom is Christian's wedding day; and with the blooming relationship between the two, would he even go through with it?  I hope so, because after being incredible selfish in this book, it's time for Anthony to stop running and face the music.

I love the book, Hope Tarr wrote about an adventure that made me want to shout at the characters and to cry when things go horrible wrong.  Since this is a romance, the ending was surprising not to sappy for me.  there were the "I love you's" but it was not to mushy and all that emotional and it works out for all of them in the end. 

My only real criticism is that it did not really have a variation between the past and the present.  She could have italic the past or have it in a different font, that's all.