February 23, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I did it, I read the third book without reading the second one and I have to say, it was not the end of the world.  There were some parts where I was confused about things they said, but it would be all cleared up when I get the second book in the series.

Genevieve Stafford, is known as the "ice princess" due to her cool ways and to the family that she was born into, which is said to be cold hearted.  Knowing that she was not going to get a love match like her brother, Alec Stafford, The Earl of Rawdon, she has resigned herself to being married out of duty rather than love.

She was due to marry Lord Dursbury when unforeseen circumstances had Sir Thorwood having to renounce their engagement, and quite publicly I might add.   Her only way of not being completely ruin and shunned from the ton is to marry, and no one is to have her hand in marriage after what happened, no one except Sir Myles Thorwood.

Myles Thorwood had know Genevieve since they were children and with a heart of gold and being able to see a friend suffer in such a way, offers to marry Genevieve; with her being a prideful woman and him being a stubborn man, you can guess what happened after that. 

Genevieve and Myles have to get over the relationship that they use to have to make room for the relationship that they have now, and the amount of drawbacks it took before things came some was both interesting and riveting.

Candace Camp wrote a story about friendship and romance that spoke of a friend helping their friend from a bad situation and how they both realised what they always had for each other, and we all know that this is love.

And SPOILER ALERT: When Genevieve decked that woman, in public, for all to see, uh that was so amazing that I had to read it over and over again. I wanted to jump in the book and deck her myself; And I still thought she should have gotten more than that to.