February 26, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This is not the final book of the series, but this is the last book that I have of the series on my bookshelf.  I keep going to the bookstore, but they do not have any copies of the last book and the store I bought all the other copies moved and did not tell me where.

Hugh MacLean wanting to protect his brother from falling into the hands of who he "Hugh" thinks has evil intentions for his oldest brother Alexander;has set a trap for the unlucky lady who dared to mess with his family.  Unfortunately in setting out to prove that he was right, he caught someone else instead and did not realise until it was too late the error of his way.

Catriona Hurst, having heard about the ridiculous scheme that her twin sister has cooked up this time, rushed to London in other to stop her sister from making one of the biggest mistake of her life.  Catriona had set out to save her sister from a trap of her own making but instead have been captured instead.

Now the only way to save Catriona's reputation is for Hugh to marry her, and even though that is the last thing that the both of them wants to do, Hugh having understood the error of his ways agreed to the marriage, but Hugh being Hugh would only do it on his terms.  This seems to be a recurring pattern with the MacLean family, only their way is the correct way.

After they had married, they both agreed that Catriona would only stay with Hugh until the gossip have died down and then she would return to her family home. What they both did not realise would happen was that they would fall in love even with three scheming little girls and of course the curse rearing it's ugly head.

I like that at the beginning of each chapter that an old woman is telling the story to her granddaughters and after reading this book I finally met her.  Old lady Nora is a delight and a wonderfully warm character that makes me miss my own grandmother