REVERB by J. Cafesin

February 02, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

HI EVERYONE!!!, so sorry about the late review, but with signing up for classes and the total stress, ugh.  Anyhow, J. Cafesin sent me their book to read, and I feel so bad, because they sent it to me a long time ago, but I'm finished now, thank goodness.

James Logan, is a man who escapes into the world of music to mask the pain of his past.  Due to the betrayal of his biological father, he was put into a situation where music was no longer an option to him, and he does not know how to cope with the silence, and just wants to end it all.

Elizabeth Whitestone, a widowed mother of one who lost her husband in a suicide bombing, runs from the country she have lived in for the past five years, because she felt that at any moment, something was going to happen to her and her son, Cameron.

This is a unique love story about two people who have went through really rough times in their lives came together in a unlikely situation and healed each other.

I thought that James would have just wanted Elizabeth to adopt him and she would be his new mother, and since she loves to baby people due to her making a baby. Instead, they aroused emotions that were dormant and sparks started to fly.

There was that part where they were separated and more demons that they were not aware existed came and add to both of their troubles, but they reunited and worked together, the end.      

Did they, did they really heal each other.  Did all their demons leave, never to come back and they live a fairy tale life of happily ever after, hmmmmmmmm, if you want to know (and I know you do) then buy the book and read it, the story would grab at you and not want to let you go.

So go out and grab your own copy of Reverb, you can buy it on Amazon.