February 02, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I went into the Library, looking for some Nora Roberts books, and I turned around and what did I see, Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas.

I rushed to the counter, borrowed my book and was happy for two days which was how long it took me to finish the book (sad face).

Lucy Marinn, a glass maker with a secret wonderful power, got her heart broken by her boyfriend when he left her for someone else.  

Her broken heart was then shattered into a million pieces when he told her he was leaving her for her younger sister, and that they are engaged, which he was not able to do with her.

Her heart was then put in a safe and locked away, never to be abused again, but also not able to love. 

Lucy's parents was outraged by what her sister has done and refused to fund their marriage until they made things right with Lucy. Her ex-boyfriend, had the ridiculously stupid idea of asking an acquaintance to act as her boyfriend, you know, to "help" her get over her anger.

Sam Nolan, (the acquaintance), a local wine brewer, having already met Lucy and liking her, decided to do things his own way, and the two of them falls in love (it was unavoidable).  Of course when you add a child and odd relatives, that just eases the way.

When Lucy finds out about the deceit, the results WILL surprise you, it did surprise me.  This is a love story like others with it's own special twist, which once I think about it, makes it unique.

I recommend this book to everyone, and tell me about your reactions, there is nothing better than a good love story to make you sigh in pleasure, especially when the ex comes crawling back (giggles).