February 26, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Some years back I saw this in a store and was immediately interested in the the the of the story, when I read the description on the back I was hooked, and thus my first taste of Karen Hawkins was born.

Fiona MacLean, wanting to stop her hotheaded brothers rom doing something foolish (like most brothers do) decided to sacrifice herself in order to end the feud between her family and the Kincaid's; and the only way that she thought of to stop the feud is to marry.

Unfortunately, the groom did not come willingly, he was picked up after he fell from his horse and knocked unconscious.  He was woken up in a church where he was married in a drunken stupor.

Jack Kincaid, where he is more infamously known as Black Jack Kincaid, did not have a care in the world.  He is the inheritor of a large fortune so he can do what he pleases, when he pleases; and he most definitely did not want to marry, ever. 

This "union" was made even worse by the past these two shared, which included matters of the heart and of course heart break.  Now these two must get along to stop the feud between their families, of course there are people obstacles in their path, as well as their overbearing pride and don't let me even get started on the curse, oh, but I have said to much already.

Karen Hawkins is a wonderful delight to read that would make you want to run to the bookstore and buy more, more, more.  Which I did, but my local bookstore moved without leaving a forwarding address and my collection is incomplete, oh woah is me.