A WINTER SCANDAL by Candace Camp

February 19, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I bought this book a few years back, and I loved it.  At first I wanted to return it because in my haste, I accidentally picked this one up instead of the Nora Roberts I intended to choose.  But it's funny how life turns out and my slip-up made me discover an amazing author, Candace Camp. 

Althea Bainbridge (called Thea), being a vicar's daughter and then sister, had to always abide by the rules in the case that she might embarrass her family.  With everyone thinking her plain and unappealing, having to wear spectacles were not helping matters as well.  

Having feeling snubbed that the only romantic experience over ten years ago, was made by a man who forgot about her. That scoundrel.

Thea had come to the realization that her life had never had any real meaning, and that she truly had no place to call her own; until one day, when she was decorating the church she came about a baby in a manger, and no it was not the baby Jesus.

Shocked at finding a baby abandoned in the church, Thea took the baby home where some convincing evidence gave Thea am idea of who the father is.  

Here enters Gabriel Morecombe (the scoundrel) who was very surprised to see an angry woman, holding a child, storm into his home and demand he takes care of his son.  When Thea gives him the evidence that proves that the child is his own, a whole new series of events enfold.

I do not want to give to much away, but they baby is connected to Gabriel in some way, but he is not his child.  The child is the only clue, in over a year, that he received about someone he loves who have gone missing without a trace.

Now prim and proper Miss Althea Bainbridge and handsome and wicked (but in a good way) Gabriel Morecombe must work together to solve this mystery of the abandoned baby, while trying not to damage Thea's reputation, which is a difficult thing to do seeing as they both arouse wanton feelings within each other.

This was my first book written by Candace Camp and I am ever grateful for my mishap. This is the first book in a trilogy and I have both the first and last book, now all I need is the second book and I would be good to go.

Candace Camp will have you snapping at the people around you for daring to come between you and this book and have you crying for having finish the book.