HEARTBREAK PROOF by William Goode and Michelle Roy

December 12, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

One of the authors of this book contacted me and asked me to review their book.  I was more than happy to do it and I must admit, he boost my ego just a little bit.

Now he asked for my honest opinion so do not be angry with me for my review okay, this is what I honestly thought of the book.

I was mostly confuse during this book.  First she was this hard to get lawyer and he doing something and he liked her but she thought of him as a womanizing pig.

Then somewhere along the book, their roles change, and to me, she turned into a pig and he turned into a sweet caring person.

The weird thing that bonded them together was writing erotic stories together.  I've read hotter but I have to admit that some of their stories were pretty steamy.

He falls in love with her but doesn't understand that he has fallen in love with her.  She, I cannot understand her, does she love him or not and the stupid way they stop talking to each other because of something they both wrote in one of their stories.

Their stories start with one of them saying a fantasy that they have and write the first par of the story, then email it to the other person who writes the next part and so on and so on until the story is complete.

They were coming together so nicely until IT happened, which made her pack her bags and go to another country.  Is it his fault or is it hers, you have to read the book to find out and look out for book to in the series, which I do not know the name of yet unfortunately.

The writing style in the book needs some work and I really did not get a clear picture of the characters nor their personalities because it keeps changing but other than that the book was okay.