CHAINS OF ICE by Christina Dodd

December 12, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

When I saw this in the library I was so excited I let out a little squeal but everyone still turned round and looked at me funny so apparently it was not little, but I was so excited.

I read the first two books in the series and it was awesome and I want to read them all.

In this book John Powell, the man they say that when who have him, no other man will do, you will imagine that every woman would be after him, and they would but he only chooses the most wounded.

Okay, this book is not only about smex, it is about a man, one of the chosen, who after a unsuccessful mission, lose faith in himself and his gift and went into isolation and nothing the Gypsy Travel Agency says will ever change his mind until Genny.

Genny, real name Genesis (weird right), is also one of the abandoned children even though she grew up having two parents, did not mean she got the love that a parent is suppose to give.

Wanting to do something for herself before having to live the rest of her life trying to save her father's reputation, she agrees to the special condition her fathers demands of her, which is to convince John Powell to come back to New York and finish his contract with the Gypsy Travel Agency or so she thought.

John thinks that Genny is to good to be true and talked himself into not getting close to her; but the chemistry between them is to great and they find themselves in each other's arms for one night of passion so great the entire village knew about it (giggles).

Secrets has a nasty way of coming up at the worst of times breaking the beauty that they both shared.  Now both of them are hurt and wanting to erase the pain but with angry villagers, jealous teammates and others working against them and the world, would their love find a way back to each other, or would it wither and die.

I know and I was both sad and happy about the ending, and to know the revealing ending you must read the book and find out.  I recommend that you read the first two books or you might not understand who some of the characters are in the book and it will also connect you to them emotionally.