THE BEST OF EVERYTHING by Kimberla Lawson Rory

September 30, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Like father like daughter has been a popular saying for many years about girl who take after their father’s, in some cases this is good, but not in this one.

Alicia Black now Alicia Sullivan did not want o end up like her father in a number of ways, such as lusting after money and infidelity.  She did not like all the women he used and all the pain he caused  and swore that she will learn from her father’s mistakes and take her wedding vows seriously and be faithful to her husband.

Within the first six months of their marriage, her marriage was already falling through and don’t think I am biased but it is all her fault.  Alicia has always been a shopaholic and growing up that was alright because her father could have afford for her to but whatever she wanted, now being a married woman without her father monthly allowance; a husband that makes a decent salary and no job, Alicia still feel the need to shop till she drops and then some.

Feeling like her husband is trying to control her but talking to her about her bad spending habits and feeling like he does not make a big enough salary to support her bad habit, she quickly starts to resent her husband, and that what makes her do all the things that she said she will never do, be just like her daddy was before he got saved, again.

Now she is sneaking around and running up her credit without paying the bills and starting a relationship with a man who is under investigation with the police so that she could get money to buy more stuff, she is hooked on shopping like addicts are hooked to cocaine.

When all her lies and deception comes to the light, would her husband find it in his heart to forgive her and move on or would he call it quits and  start anew, my vote is of him breaking lose. 

I still cannot believe the nerve of this little girl, not wanting to earn her own money but wanting to spend like crazy and went a jacked up her husband’s credit.  I understand how she got to be that way but damn, couldn’t she see the error in her ways and try to realize that she has a problem and got to SA (Shopaholics Anonymous).