SOME LIKE IT HOT by Brenda Jackson

September 30, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Five steamy stories about African decent couples falling in love and getting through the perils of life.  This book includes:

1.       Main Agenda
2.       Strictly Business
3.       Irresistible Attraction
4.       The Hunter
5.       Extreme Satisfaction

These stories are extremely steamy and not to be read if you are 17 and under.  This is a book purely about how a man’s and a woman’s body react when in close proximity of each other and chemistry happens that has them both feeling hot and bothered.

In one of the stories, Miss Jackson tried something new, well new to me anyhow, she created a love story with no drama what so ever.  No ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, no stokers and no emotional drama.  Two weeks of pleasure and walk away and then they came back together, admitted that they loved each other and got married six months later.  Sweet and nice but still good.

Also every story had a bride or a bride to be, it was nothing but love and marriage, and this book will have you thinking about nothing but finding the perfect man and getting married, you were warned.