September 06, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

All I can say about this book is that one of these ladies have gone and lost their natural born mind.  It started with three forty year old women who are also best friends decided on New Year’s Day made a pact that they would explore their sexuality more for the New Year.

One wants to open her own lingerie store which sells adult entertainment as well, but being flat broke is not helping her achieve her dreams to make it into a reality.  She also have to deal with the situation in which her husband died and that she never got an organism in her entire marriage nor after it, problems, problems, problems.

The second one decided to join an online sex cite and to have phone sex with complete strangers and she even went as far as to take up some invitations to meet in hotel rooms and watch people having sex.  There is also the trouble of her ex-boyfriend who left her for another woman, still wants her, but on his terms.

The third and crazy mother of one decides to become loose and takes up sexual prepositions with complete strangers as well as to become a stripper who sleeps with clients.  She also hooked up with someone her child’s age and as you can guess she is the one that gets into the most trouble in the entire book.

There new lifestyle decisions open opportunities for them that are both good but mostly bad.  I did not like this book, the writing style was good it’s just the story itself that got me; is this really what women go through when they are having a midlife crisis?  If so I do not look forward to turning forty and I am glad that forty is a long way off for me.