PERFECT FIT by Brenda Jackson

September 06, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I always picture being in love would be like you always want to be near the one you love and wanting to know everything about them so you can please them and impatient to spend the rest of your lives together while respecting their boundaries of course.

The main character in this book, Miss Sage Dunbar, says she is on love with her fiancĂ© but it is more like she is sleeping with a friend and not even a good friend at that.   If she was really in love with she could have forgiven him in time and strengthen their relationship but it more seemed like it was a good excuse to cancel the wedding I say so because she was dragging her feet through cement before anyways.  
And then to add insult to injury her father, the man she idolizes, does something that damages her trust in men on the same day.  Uh Oh poor sage. 

Now Sage’s perfect man, Gabe Blackwell (who she have met briefly before) get burned dating something who still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and now he doesn’t want to get involved with women with baggage (Yeah good luck with that) and does not realize that he has baggage of his own.
Now these two damage people must help each other to heal or would their past pain be too difficult for them to overcome and move on.

At first I was angry at Gabe for throwing things back in Sage’s face but then as the book progressed I wanted to hit some sense into Sage for doing what she did and how she handled a situation by doing the same thing she was angry at Gabe for, talk about unfair, in the end I do not find that Gabe should have taken her back.