MY LADY CAPTOR by Hannah Howell

September 30, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Men are so foolish, always running off to war or starting a war for things that can easily be resolves by negotiations and not being greedy for what is not there’s.  They have no consideration for the family, friends and responsibilities they leave behind just so they can go off and get themselves killed in the war.

This is my view as well as what Lady Sorcha Hay taught when she followed her foolish brother as well as her laird to the borderline to bring him back home.  Instead she found out that her brother was taken for ransom and her people have no means of affording that since they barely have a penny to their name.  In other to save her brother she kidnaps a wounded solider on the battle ground to demand a ransom to save her brother.

Sir Ruari Kerr was most grateful that he was rescued from impending doom even if it was from a women and gratitude soon turned in to outrage when he found out the their treachery.  He vowed to get back at them as soon as he was away from their keep, but the passion that arises between them was a bit of a problem to get over, if they can get over it without internally combusting.

This story was boring in the beginning, all this talking about nonsense and whatnot but then it got even more interesting when Sir Ruari turned out to be a pompous arse and that Lady Socha should not have given him a second chance so fast, stupid ghost.