WHEN PASSION RULES by Johanna Lindsey

August 26, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

In the description it sounded like this book was about war, but oddly enough it wasn't  They talked about a war but it didn't happen. Lots of plots to assassinate the King and his heir, which sis not succeed and treason and blah, blah, blahidy, blah.

I do not really care about the political part of this book, just know everything came out okay, but I more cared about the love story where you can see from the book cover that the one of the main character is HOT.  He found his match with Miss Alana and they keep butting heads like a bunch of rams which of course have them getting together at the end, which is my kind of love story.

The ending was anti-climactic with everything being resolved all peaceful like (which I hate by the way) and then to make matters worse they got all sappy on my, bleh but other than that I quite enjoyed the book even though I wanted to kill one or two of the characters.