TIME SWIMMER by Gerald Hausman

August 12, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I did not like this story one bit.  When reading this book it felt like I was watching a tennis match with six players playing the same game all at once.  It was going from one place to the otherwise not making much sense to me.

What kind of ending was that, who ends a book the way this man did, it makes it all seem that what they did not even matter.  The key holder just came and gave them back everything that they both wanted and needed.  Odysseus got his wish and returned home to his wife and son and so did Luck, and that was that.

Apparently the “Gods” had nothing better to do than to offer them deals that can results in their deaths by saying a story that they cannot guess the ending too.  So all the powerful “Gods” had nothing better to do than listen to some dumb stories, because the stories weren't all that great, neither where the poem at the end.  Mr. Hausman had a good story concept but poor execution in my opinion.