THE FESTIVAL by Kirk Budhooram

August 26, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Wow, that is all I could sum this up to about this book. This book made obeah seem harmless, still extremely dangerous and stupid, but compared to this book, yeah.

It all started when Karen Sookoo received a mysterious letter that got both herself and her house burned down.  Her sister Julie, not convinced that it was a robbery gone bad, enlist the help of an ex-cop to help her find her sister’s murderers and to finally get some closure.

A series of events, from various people’s lives connect together and makes Julie and her companions realize that what they are up against may be bigger than they can handle.

This book was written by a Trinidadian who can write a compelling story that has you wanting more including one of the most amazing car chase and escapes from certain death I ever read.  Also a love story I was not happy with; Julie chose the wrong man, seriously.